Welcome to Low Sodium Links!

The goal of this site is to provide resources to people who are on a restricted sodium diet. As you will see, there is no reason to eat bland food with all the resources available today.

I am restricted to 2000 mg of sodium, and 2 liters of water per day. I have not been specifically instructed too, but I am also trying to monitor my potassium as well.  I live in Louisiana where we are accustomed to eating food that has a fair amount of seasoning, to say the least.  So I began a search to find salt-free replacements for the seasonings that I was accustomed to that were not based on potassium chloride.

In that process I found a lot more than I bargained for.  There are so many salt-free and low sodium seasonings and products out there, I may never be able to try them all!

The most important think you can do on a low sodium diet, or any diet for that matter, is to not lie to yourself.

You have to keep accurate records of your sodium intake.  To that end, I recommend a product called My Fitness Pal.   There are other programs out there, and I don’t mean to slite them, but My Fitness Pal is my choice.

You also need a good recipe manager. My choice is Paprika Recipe Manager.  It syncs to your desktop, phone, and tablet.  I know there are many others; this is the one my family uses, so it is what I use.

One more thing. If you don’t have one, get an Instant Pot or equivalent.  It is amazing what you can do with an IP. It is just my Better Half  and me, so we have a 6 quart.

I am  going to start the list with the seasoning that gets the most use in our home. It comes from Benson’s Gourmet Seasonings: Benson’s Table Tasty Salt Substitute. It contains no potassium chloride, which can be a dangerous substance for people on certain blood pressure medications.  In fact, almost all of the seasonings I will be listing (to the best of my knowledge) are potassium chloride free. I use Benson’s Table Tasty Salt Substitute just like salt. For my taste, I find that if a recipe calls for 1 teaspoon of salt, I use two of Benson’s.

The company that seems to have the most salt-free seasonings is Spices Inc. When you look at their list of spices, you would think that they are located in Texas or the Southwest, but they are in Elysburg, Pennsylvania Their founder is a Texas boy though. That being said, they make great spices!  Be careful though. Salt-free does not always mean sodium free. We are working our way through their top 25 salt-free seasonings now, but there are many we haven’t tried yet.

As I said earlier, I am from Louisiana. We are very fortunate to have a locally owned business, Red Stick Spice Company. Among the many things that are available at Red Stick are salt-free seasonings. There are even more than are on the website (I am getting a pdf with the full list that I will post). They also carry a lot of Louisiana products; one of those is Jay D’s Louisiana Molasses Mustard Barbecue Sauce.  It has one of the lowest sodium contents you can find in barbecue sauces, and it is really good!

There are so many resources out there today beyond what you will find on this site.  I hope that lowsodiumlinks.com will give you a jump start on finding spices, seasonings, and products that will help you create and cook foods that are not only tasty, but are low in sodium to help you on your journey.

All my friends and family that have eaten my recipes never realize that they are eating low sodium cooking.  You will have to spend some time finding the ingredients you need.  You have to decide if good health is worth the trouble.  I hope what I am doing will help you achieve your goal.